Gallery Artists
Artist: Gary Max Collins
I can see him now, standing in an orchard in Provance, looking through tall green cypress trees to a small village church. His pallet had large gobs of paint from every tube he owned, and a couple of mine that he liked, so that it was a wildly decorated plate of colors. And he worked so fast. Six brushes sprouted from his left hand and his right hand danced from pallet to canvas like a conductor’s baton- his strokes so bold and free. And the paintings were stunning. Gary Max Collins was honored as Utah''s Artist of the Year in 2007. The ceremony included Utah''s Governor and many of the top movers and shakers in the state''s art community.
"Trees In Autumn"
"Red Canyon"
"Desert Tranquility"
"Floral Study"
"Winter Meadow"
"Desert Sunset"